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Fast, accurate and confidential word processing in a secure online environment.

word processing. virtually effortless.

At Virtual WP, we offer fast, accurate and confidential word processing on all your court documents, recorded interviews, reports and letters.  Using Virtual WP is virtually effortless, leaving you more time to get on with your core business.

Simply upload your audio file onto our system.  We provide you with a fast quote and turnaround - all without your file leaving our secure online environment.  When the job is done, you simply download the completed transcribed document.

Fast, accurate and confidential word processing. Virtually effortless.


We understand that you need your documents – and fast. We offer same-day online quotes, with your finished work returned in record time.


We offer 99% accuracy on all our work. That means that your documents always come back professionally transcribed and presented.


We treat all documents with the utmost confidentiality, and our online system uses state of the art security. Your documents are safe with us.

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